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Rinnoco LTD is a research, innovation, and education consulting company, which enables the development of new unique products from design to deployment targeting international markets.

Founded in 2021, Rinnoco is a startup company based in Limassol, Cyprus, with unique expertise due to its broad experienced team in both academic and industry. The founders of the company have over 30 years of diverse research experience, including SQL and NoSQL databases, big data and data streams, spatiotemporal systems, mobile computing, sensor networks and internet of things (IoT), machine learning applications, quantum mechanics, and significant scientific contributions published in international top-tier conferences and scientific journals.

Rinnoco LTD’s vision is to become the first of the kind company in Cyprus, which develops state-of-the-art data management techniques and provides novel data management tools that can boost the productivity, profitability, and scalability of local and international companies.